Over this 12-week training plan you can craft your physique into a more CLASSIC look.
In addition to the training plan below I would advise you do thirty minutes fasted morning cardio every morning, followed by 15 minutes vacuum sessions, standing, laying on your back and on all fours.
You will find the training plan is in 3 phases.
The first phase is all about creating density using the heaviest weights possible in accordance to the tempos, the eccentrics are slow, keep the weight-controlled you need to force the muscle fibres to rare and grow back thicker. The exercise selection and tempos gives you the opportunity to build dense muscle.In phase 2 you have a higher rep range, still slow eccentrics but with one second less, this will give you opportunity to use a heavier weight.The final phase is all about VOLUME fill your muscles up, lift heavy train to failure literally leave your soul on every machine, and this phase is where you will really see your new gains come to life.
Neil Currey IFBB PRO Classic Physique



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