Hi Im Neil Currey a professional bodybuilder, IFBB PRO and online coach.

I have been in the fitness industry for 16 years working various roles from a fitness manager, running several gyms at a time, personal training, body building, competing and online coaching, I have conjured hundreds of transformations within this time, both lifestyle, body and mentally depending on the goal of the client.

I have compete in bodybuilding competitions globally and continue to do so sharing the knowledge and experience I gain first hand with my clients.

During this time I have invested thousands of man hours and thousands of pounds on further education, learning and training and keeping my knowledge up to date with the ever so quickly evolving world of fitness but still keeping my techniques in line with the old school and effective era of body building as that is where my passion lies. I have hundreds of transformations under my belt and all my coaching is done bespoke to you whether that be a one off diet plan, a one off training plan, advice or a complete coaching package.

I can certainly help you.